Bath Half Marathon – I did it!

Yes, yes I know – one week on and I still haven’t blogged about it. But better late than never, I suppose?

I basically smashed my half marathon personal best, coming in across the finish line at 1:47. I was (and still am) incredibly delighted with that!


It was a very rainy, cold day and not one that would encourage a runner to step outside their door, let alone gear up for a 13.1 mile run.

But I found myself shivering at the start line alongside a friend nonetheless, full of nerves and raring to go.

The atmosphere carried me along for the most part. The race village was very well laid out with marquees for the respective charities, people were in great spirits and many even in costume – I saw everything from giant boobs to Superman to a man wearing nothing except a tiny pair of speedos, a wig and some leg warmers (that one very nearly tripped me up).

Bands lined the street, people cheered and in Bath’s main square, tribal drummers banged along to our footsteps.

And Dorothy House, the charity I ran for, were a brilliant support with the free masseuse, bananas, chocolate and sweets they provided.


So despite the rain, I found myself in a very good, motivated mood and had what can only be described as the best run I have ever had in my entire life.

Not once along the whole 13.1 miles did I get tired, sore or disheartened. I even found enough strength for the occasional sprint forward, which got me some bemused looks from some runners struggling alongside me.

I was unstoppable. And finally, when I crossed the finish line at 1:47 (still really smug about that), I knew why I started running in the first place – for moments like that. To feel alive, and unstoppable.

Sure I’m not the fastest, the best or have the best technique, but when you beat goals and bars you had set for yourself, it’s something to be proud of I think, whether its getting out of the chair and jogging 3k or running a marathon.

Next on the agenda for me is smashing my 10k time. I want to get 45 minutes in the Bristol 10k, which I’m all signed up for. Whether or not it’ll happen, only training will tell…

In fact, I think I’ve inspired myself to go for a little 5k.