Broken record – stuck on 48!

I’ve been a bit AWOL recently on the run blogging front, as I’ve recently moved house and generally been really busy but I’ve definitely not been lax with the actual practice.

In fact, I’ve been training twice – three times per week for the Bristol 10k, coming up on 11 May.

But I’ve got one little issue, in that I’m stuck on 47 – 48 minutes! Each time I do a full 10k run once a week, I always come up with a time anywhere between 47 to 51 minutes, depending on the level of hangover energy I have.

Now, last year this would have been amazing for me (and it still is).

But I’ve gotten incredibly competitive recently with myself and want to get sub 45  minutes – however, have no idea if this is even possible in three weeks!

So this will be the focus of my training over the next while and I will, of course, blog about it.

I’m also very much considering the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust half marathon around Stonehenge on the first week in May, which I’ve got to make my mind up about this week.

Plus, I’ve also got my entries for both the Bristol Half Marathon and Dublin full marathon (dun dun dunnnn) to consider.

Quite a busy little time for me, really…