Bristol 10k training: Week three

Quite a lot can happen in 18 days, can’t it?

Since I last blogged, I’ve been to Ireland or a long holiday (random pics below).


I’ve also had two PT training sessions with the brilliant Julie Poole, who is teaching me to squat, plank and deadlift like never before.

In addition, I’ve also been incorporating intervals – I’ve done two so far – into my training routines.

I run mostly 3 miles, twice a week, with one long run and one gym session.

Yesterday was brilliant as I ran a 10k to test myself out, and included a sneaky hill, too.

Result was I sailed into my house at 55 minutes, which really, considering I had been out two nights before, was not at all a bad time.11096658_10153740431389196_488790831146578894_n

My aim this year round is to at least come in under 50 minutes, which is doable I imagine with a month’s worth more of training!

All in all, it’s going surprisingly smoothly, so fingers crossed. I love 10k training though, it’s the kind you can fit in and still have a social life 😉

Entries just opened for Bristol half marathon today so this shall perhaps slowly ebb away as I drift toward September’s marathon! (Or, my beers shall be replaced with ale-flavoured protein shakes on nights out. Do they do this? If not, they need to.)


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