Bristol 10k training: Week six

It’s getting close – I’m well excited now!

I ran 5.1 miles in 40 minute yesterday, including one quite taxing hill in Wales this weekend. Quite enjoyed the views of the valleys on a Sunday morning!


The time is giving me faith in my ability to beat my 50 minute time from last year.

I’ve finished the PT sessions and am flying solo with my plan now. Still quite scared of the weights section in the gym but will just push through with it – what’s the worst that can happen?

*Visualises self with red face trapped beneath massive weights*

With two and a bit weeks left to go, I’ve got plenty of time to get at least one – two gym sessions per week and two – three runs in. So, lots of time to improve before a little taper.

And did I mention I was running with Sift, raising money for local charity KidsCo? No? Well here’s the link if you fancy finding out more and hopefully donating something to the incredible cause.

Until next week!