Bristol – Bath training update: My first 14 mile run!

Sunday’s run really tested not only my patience and strength, but my ability to handle things when they don’t go to plan.

I’d prepped the night before and got a relatively decent night’s sleep, had three slices of toast, peanut butter and banana for breakfast, and loaded my running belt up with jelly babies, water and a gel.

I chose to run the Towpath; a really nice little route that spans from Bristol, under the suspension bridge to a little village near the Avonmouth, Pill.

Setting off, I felt a little tired but let myself get into the run’s rhythm. I checked my Strava just to make sure, and popped it back on my arm around mile two.

Bad mistake.

I ran around 2.5 miles (as I later discovered) before noticing that my Strava had  paused when I took it off and wasn’t recording my pace!

So I restarted it, estimated distance I’d ran in my head (around 3 miles, I wasn’t too far off!) and decided to go a little further.

The sun was beaming down and I was glad I’d popped a lot of suncream on as I burn like a crisp. Two bottles of water were definitely well needed for this run!

I got to around mile 5, just as the Towpath ends and a road begins. I tried to jog around a fence and completely lost my footing as the tarmac changed to gravel; I found myself sprawled on the floor face down in the dirt!

A fall can really shock you as a runner. One minute you’re in the swing of things, the next you’re hurt and bleeding and really bemused.

My knee was bleeding quite a lot and so was my hand, so the first thing I decided to do was text someone to ask advice, clean it up with some leaves and pop over to a nearby pond to splash some water on the wound.

I sat there, really mad at myself, for about 10 minutes before I decided my knee wasn’t actually that hurt and that I should just run on. So I did.

So I finished the 14 miles with a gammy, disgusting looking knee and a dodgy Strava, but by god did I finish it!

Runs like this will always test your metal; you’ve just got to show whatever it is that gets to you you’re ultimately stronger.

And I did get to spend the evening sprawled on my bed watching Orange is the New Black with my knee in the air eating brownies!

Next weekend I’ll take it down a notch and then the following weekend I’ll be in France; 15 – 16 miles out there will be fun I’m sure 😉