My 2016 events: Bristol 10k, Half Marathon & Tough Mudder!

I’ve *finally* decided on some events to train for in 2016! Yay!

It looks like I’ll be writing for Great Run, who have just taken over the Bristol 10k and Half Marathon race series, so I’ll definitely be going in for those events.

Great Bristol 10k, £28, Sunday 15 May

I’ve run this every year since coming to Bristol (four years in a row!) and absolutely love this event.

The route, the crowd, the supporters; everything about it just makes it worth training for.

I’ll be looking to beat my training PB of 48 minutes so more to follow on training plans.


Great Bristol Half Marathon, £38, Sunday 25th September 

I’ve only run this half once, but it was pretty special as it was my first ever half marathon.

Training for it was some of the strongest I’ve ever done, and the experience on the day was also one to remember.

I crossed the line hand in hand with a workmate at 1hr59 minutes, beating my 2 hour goal by seconds!

Let’s see if I can smash it again this time around, but not before my next event…


Tough Mudder South West, Cirencester, £80+, Sunday 21 August

15 of us are taking part in this from my workplace, Sift. We’re raising money for local homeless shelter, Julian Trust, and are all starting our training now!

This is the reason I’ll be ramping up my upper body stuff (I tried bench pressing yesterday for the first time, ouch…) so loads more gym time for me.

Since I completed the Tipperary 10k Mud Run last year and came out relatively unscathed, aside from an electrocuted finger and mud pouring out of my hair, I’ve had a hankering for something similar. So, QED, really.


So there you have it – three events in eight months.

I’ve tried to rope my poor boyfriend in with me, so I might have a military training buddy for all three!

What events are you training for this year? Anyone running the Great Bristol race series?



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