2017: Update on an Exciting Year so far…

So this last six months has gone by in a bit of a whirlwind! I can hardly believe the last thing I wrote about was not wearing make up, back in November 2016, as it seems like a million months ago since.

Bristol 10k 2017 

In the time between, so many things have happened. Here’s a short list…

  1. I’ve celebrated a year of being with my wonderful boyfriend James, unarguably top of the list
  2. I’ve completed two triathlons at Westbury and Portishead, where James won his first ever trophy!
  3. Acted as a photographer for James while he took on Storm the Castle at Ludlow
  4. I’ve run the third fastest 10k I’ve ever run at Bristol 10k (47 minutes… woop!)
  5. I have absolutely NO IT BAND PAIN and have not had for a long while now! This is a big deal…
  6. I have – obviously – started swimming and cycling again for the first time since I was a teenager
  7. Bought our first ever tri suits – oooh la la
  8. We ran our first ever Park Run in Westport – and it was faaaast!
  9. We have been on lots of Cornish coastal runs – and are adding bike rides to it as well
  10. James and I have become absolute masters of all the Lean in 15 green edition and Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie recipes
  11. We have been on a 40km tandem bike ride from Achill Island to Westport in Ireland, a new experience indeed!
James and his amazing trophy! 

Seriously, it’s been great fun re-learning two new sports. Although I blanche at the idea of getting out of my warm and cosy bed at 6.30am to get into a cold and crowded pool, trying to beat my 400m average time of around 11 minutes (and James promising me coffee) seems to do the trick.

Sri Tri Portishead with our friends

James and I have been living together since last year, so he knows all the tips and tricks for getting me out of bed, something that is a very, very useful quality in a partner when you need moving out the door while training for a triathlon!

20170326_124337 (1).jpg
Good old stretch, Downs training run 

Cycling has been quite the experience. I bought myself a Wiggle Hybrid for my birthday – and it is perfect.

James in action at Storm the Castle 

We can fit both our bikes in our little Citroen C1 (Terry), by taking the wheels off – and this is how we arrive at events, James on his fancy road bike and me on my sturdy Wiggle-mobile! I am getting faster, but my quads still scream at me in advance of impending hills and I don’t have the ‘power’ in my legs just yet that seasoned cyclists do. Spinning down a hill at high speed though, I am an expert at.

Lying down after Westbury Tri! 

I definitely plan to return to blogging more regularly now, especially since we have so much going on. Our next event is the amazing Newham 10k in London, and I can’t wait to review the course in a follow-up blog. Finishing in the Olympic Park, how epic will that be?

Better go get an early night – tomorrow is swim morning. Gah. Until next time!

Kisses in Cornwall



One thought on “2017: Update on an Exciting Year so far…

  1. Wow! Feel tired reading all that. And I’m still debating whether to go Bikram yoga tonight or not.
    Sorry for sounding dumb, but what’s an IT BAND PAIN and how did you overcome it?
    Looking forward to reading your exciting news!

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